Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Outfit of the Day

Nothing special about today's outfit, but I still like it enough to share it! Like you've probably noticed, I'm kind of obsessed with colored denim. An obsession you probably haven't seen yet, at least in my most recent round of outfit posts, is band tshirts. I have quite a few and always try to have enough money to get a shirt at every concert I see. I don't always get one if I don't like any, but I always at least look!

The orange/coral jeans I got in the late winter/early spring this year at American Eagle.
I saw The Temper Trap at First Ave in Minneapolis in October 2010. I decided to go - by myself - the night of the show and after missing several buses, got there during their first song. I am SO glad I decided to go! It remains one of my favorite shows I've ever seen! And I rarely will do things like that alone.

(P.S. they're on tour right now!! If you can see them I'd highly recommend it! Dates here:

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