Friday, December 31, 2010

Look Recreation–Eye Candy

Last month, my friend (and makeup-addiction enabler) gave me a makeup book called ‘Eye Candy.’ by Linda Mason. I paged through it and was immediately inspired by many of the bright, fun looks. As soon as I saw one particular look, I showed it to her and proclaimed that I was going to recreate it the next day. And that I did. (I just was very slow at getting it up here. Whoops.) I can’t find a picture of this online and the book and I are in different states currently, but I’ll try to update this with a picture of what I was going off of eventually.
I thought this was really fun. I would probably do this look again. It wasn’t too challenging apart from trying to get the colors to be about the same on both eyes. I’m not entirely sure which products I used for everything, but if you’re curious about any in particular, ask me and I’ll see if I can remember.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Nail Polish Haul and Swatches

Here are the nail polishes I've gotten recently. Mostly holiday colors. I got China Glaze Sacred Heart for $1.99 and Orly Halley's Comet for #3.99 in the clearance bin at my Sally's. 

L-R: Milani Ruby Jewels, China Glaze Sacred Heart, China Glaze Mrs. Claus
 Sacred Heart is a lovely opaque creme classic red polish. It's called a neon on the bottle, but it isn't matte. I wish Mrs. Claus was more red than pink, but it's still a nice polish and I think it has some potential for interesting layering combinations. It's very sheer.
L-R: China Glaze Party Hearty, Milani Silver Dazzle
These Milani "one coat glitters" all look AMAZING. I decided to just get this one. This is two coats, but it's totally opaque. It's hard to tell in the picture, but it is totally matte and you can feel the glitters, so you may want to use a topcoat with it.
L-R: Milani Hi-Tech, China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses, Finger Paints Mistletoe Mischief
 Mistletoe kisses is definitely one of the coolest polishes I've seen lately and the one I'm most excited to use for the holidays. Mistletoe Mischief is sheerer than I hoped - this is 3 coats - but it's still a lovely green.
Orly Halley's Comet
I could NOT get this one to photograph well at all. It's an amazing color. It goes on fairly sheer but after 2-3  coats it's just fantastic. It looks mostly blue in this picture, but it has a lot more of a teal effect in person, and it's much more glittery looking in person as well.
Scrangie has a much better looking photo of this on her blog :

Overall I'm very excited about all of these! It'll make for some interesting Christmas manicures!

Nails of the Day : Lubu Heels Dupe

In experimenting with layering my nail polishes, I found this combination:

with flash

without flash

I used 1-2 coats of Wet n Wild nail polish in Black Creme as the base and Milani Ruby Jewels on top. I really like how it turned out. I realized that this combination is actually a pretty good dupe of China Glaze Lubu Heels. Here is a picture of that on Scrangie's blog.

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