Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 Empties Part 3 - Bath & Body Works

Welcome back to the 2013 empties series! This one's all Bath & Body Works products. It is excluding the candles as once I've burned through one I almost immediately repurpose the jar, so I don't recall which scents I've used up this year.

Aromatherapy shower gel in Lemon Zest - loved this scent! Sad it was discontinued, but I'm hoping it'll be back for semi-annual sale! Coconut Vanilla body lotion & Vanilla Bean Noel body lotion - good scents! I do prefer the classic Exotic Coconut to the Coconut Vanilla, but this one's pretty good. Vanilla Bean Noel is my favorite vanilla scent. I dislike the Warm Vanilla Sugar. This one seems less overpowering & mixes better with other scented products.

Aruba Coconut and Forever Red Triple Moisture Body Creams. I love that formula of moisturizer, especially in the winter when my skin's drier. I also like the Golden Sugar Scrub, which I also had in Forever Red. I love the tube packaging until the last bit, when it becomes extremely difficult to get the final uses out. The rest of the time, though, I find them much nicer than the ones that come in jars. 

Finally - the PocketBacs. Nothing really to say about them, I just felt like including them. I mostly only use them at work (more for the customers' benefit than my own), but over the past few years I've accumulated a ton of them from always getting them on a 5 for $5 deal, so I'm happy to finally be cutting that stash down!

This will be the last empties update for awhile, until I've accumulated enough to do another post. Hope you've enjoyed this little series! Let me know if there were any products throughout that you have any questions about.

*Edit* This was meant to be posted the Thursday following the previous empties post...but apparently even after a few years of blogging I still sometimes just save posts instead of publishing them. Sigh.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 Empties Part 2 - Makeup, Fragrance, Nails

2013 empties part two! This time - hand & nail care, makeup, and perfume samples!

Nothing special about these hand creams - not bad, but I won't get them again. The Orly cuticle creme was really nice but I have a ton of cuticle products so I probably won't NEED to repurchase it. Orly Bonder base coat - I didn't hate it but I have quite a few basecoats I'm using up so I don't think I'll get it again. The Sally Hansen Insta Dri Whirlwind White I have already started a second bottle of! I know the nail products don't look empty, but the brushes don't reach the bottom so that's all I'm getting!

I enjoyed the Rimmel primer - although it took me AGES to use it up! There are others I want to try (and some samples to use up) but I'd consider getting it again in the future if I don't find something better. The Kat Von D eyeliner was such a pretty color but I've had it awhile and it was kind of dried up and getting difficult to get anything out of the bottle and onto my eye. The Revlon brow pencil is too short to fit inside of sharpeners anymore! I feel like much of the product ends up wasted and I didn't love the color so I won't get it again. The Mark. eyeshadow brush was AWESOME but the hairs have come loose inside of the ferrule and aren't staying the same length anymore.

I already have a full bottle of Couture Couture and I love it. I also really enjoy both the Marc Jacobs scents! I believe Oh, Lola! is one I can get from one of the Sephora fragrance samplers, and unless I end up loving one of the others, I'm pretty sure that's what I'll get the full size of! Miss Pucci was fine, I enjoyed the sample, but I don't see getting a full bottle.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 Empties Part 1 - Skin & Hair Care

In my recent cleaning efforts, I figured I could easily clear some clutter by photographing my empties and getting rid of them! I had accumulated more than I had realized, so I'm splitting them up instead of piling them all in one post.

I'd consider purchasing full sizes of both moisturizers if there were a good deal on them. Neither were too heavy or greasy feeling for me. Since they are kind of pricey, I probably won't buy them unless there is a deal or sale of some kind. I have nothing bad to say about the cleanser but I like others better so I probably won't buy it again. I do like that it was not irritating to my eyes at all.

While I loved them when I first got them, I definitely won't get the shampoo & conditioner again. They made my hair feel awesome the first few times and then by the end I just didn't like it at all. My hair just works so much better when I stick with sulfate free shampoos. Of course I have already purchased more of the Batiste!

I liked the Clinique makeup remover but probably wouldn't buy it as I think there are cheaper options that do the job well too. The Simple makeup remover burned my eyes quite badly so I used it for removing swatches from my hands and arms. Definitely won't buy again! I have nothing bad to say about the lip balms but I didn't LOVE them either so I doubt I'll get them again. The Softlips did smell delicious though!

The next installment of 2013 empties will be posted a week from today!

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