Friday, December 31, 2010

Look Recreation–Eye Candy

Last month, my friend (and makeup-addiction enabler) gave me a makeup book called ‘Eye Candy.’ by Linda Mason. I paged through it and was immediately inspired by many of the bright, fun looks. As soon as I saw one particular look, I showed it to her and proclaimed that I was going to recreate it the next day. And that I did. (I just was very slow at getting it up here. Whoops.) I can’t find a picture of this online and the book and I are in different states currently, but I’ll try to update this with a picture of what I was going off of eventually.
I thought this was really fun. I would probably do this look again. It wasn’t too challenging apart from trying to get the colors to be about the same on both eyes. I’m not entirely sure which products I used for everything, but if you’re curious about any in particular, ask me and I’ll see if I can remember.

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