Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Current Manicure - For Audrey

When I sat down to paint my nails last night, I wasn't feeling particularly inspired to do any certain color or nail art, so I gravitated towards one of my all-time favorite polishes - China Glaze For Audrey! 

This time, I used the Revlon Colorstay basecoat and Seche Vite topcoat. I was originally planning to try another topcoat again, but then I had to go do something pretty quickly after I painted them, so I figured I'd better stick with a fast-dry I can trust.

In case you're curious, I also painted my toenails! I'll refrain from posting a picture of them, but they're currently Covergirl Boundless Color in Fuchsia Girl. This polish is an old favorite of mine - I've had a bottle of it for YEARS! This is actually a replacement bottle because the cap broke on the first one and it dried up. 

I think both of these colors look nice with my skin tone and they're kind of "medium" colors - they're not dark, pale, or neon, but they're still fun and colorful! I feel like this time of year is kind of in between summer and fall. School's in session but it's still fairly warm outside. I'm not one to get particularly hung up on what colors are "seasonally appropriate" since I like to wear bright colors year round, but I do tend to save the darker and more neutral colors for the fall and winter.

What are your favorite colors you reach for when you're not inspired to do something in particular?

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