Sunday, September 16, 2012

L'Oreal Brit Invasion - Nail Polish Comparison

After seeing several people discussing how pretty L'Oreal's Brit Invasion nail polish was, I picked it up at Target yesterday without giving it too much thought. It looked gorgeous! However, after getting it home and swatching it on a nail wheel, I realized it didn't seem that unique to my collection after all. 

On the left is China Glaze White Cap layered on top of China Glaze Ingrid. Brit Invasion is in the center, and China Glaze Ingrid on its own is on the right.

While I certainly wouldn't call Ingrid - with or without White Cap - a dupe for Brit Invasion, for me it was close enough that I didn't feel I needed both. Although it is a gorgeous shade, the more browny, neutral shades in my collection are probably among those I reach for least often, and having such similar shades didn't seem worth it.

If you don't have Ingrid or other similar shades, I do think this would make a nice addition to your collection. It applied really nicely - two coats was completely opaque, and it wasn't at all tricky to get an even coverage. There really is a lot of shimmer, but as it's very fine it doesn't appear glittery or too shiny.

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