Friday, September 7, 2012

Outfit of the Day - Cooler Weather Favorites

Since it felt rather fall-ish again today, I got out a few favorites that are basically in hiding all summer! These shoes from Simple are probably my most comfy shoes, but because of their shape they look kind of silly with anything other than flared or boot cut jeans. I wear scarves in the spring as well, but I generally try to reduce layers in the summer so they've been on break for a few months. The big yellow bag is on its last legs of the season, though! I typically reserve it for summer use. 
I got the nail polish fairly recently but had been waiting to wear it until it felt cooler outside since it just looks like fall to me! It's L'Oreal Spice Things Up.

My perfume of the day was Stella McCartney's Stella fragrance, which I ADORE. It's one of those I would spray on myself every time I went to Sephora until I finally caved and got a rollerball of it.


  1. Stella is quite possibly the BEST perfume in the world! My Mom and I use up bottles of it like crazy.

  2. I'm really liking seeing you post more lately! And I love the outfit posts! :)


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