Monday, October 1, 2012

September Empties!

I feel as though I made a lot of progress as far as using products up this past month! Most things I've been working on a long time or else they were sample sizes, but it still feels good to get rid of more stuff!

I've done a brief review of each product, but if you want to know anything more specific, just ask!

For closer photos and my thoughts on each of them, keep reading!

Batiste dry shampoo is by far my favorite, and I've tried A LOT. Nothing else is ever quite as good!

I didn't have much left of the Tousle Me Softly shampoo. I quit using it awhile back when my was always colored and I prefer sulfate-free shampoos then. After using it again, I can confirm that I prefer sulfate-free shampoos regardless of the state of my hair's color! I did not like the way this left my hair feeling before conditioner at all!

The Hello Hydration didn't leave nearly as weird of a feeling in my hair, and it smelled really good! I guess because it's meant to be moisturizing, it didn't have the same feeling. The Split Remedy I felt similarly about - it was much more pleasant to use and more hydrating than the Tousle Me Softly. I still prefer sulfate-free shampoos, but as far as the ones with sulfates go, they're not bad!

The Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel Cream is my favorite moisturizer! I'm on probably my fourth or fifth jar of it. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my skin, but it still hydrates it!

The Peach Citrus lotion was a nice scent, but at the same time I doubt I'd get it again. It wasn't anything special.

Everything else was tiny samples! It's hard to tell how I'd like an eye cream after a few uses. The Sephora moisturizer did seem nice, though. Although it felt like it might be greasy at first, it sank into the skin fairly quickly and then felt like nothing was there - except it was softer and not dry! 

I love the Sonia Kashuk makeup remover. I can see myself getting this again once I've used up some others I have around. It's really nice and not irritating to my eyes, and doesn't have any weird scent to it. 

I didn't really love or hate the Milani HD Advanced concealer. It wasn't awful to use it up, but I was never super impressed with it. I was also excited to use it up since I have quite a few concealers I need to work on!

The elf Mattifying powder wasn't bad either - but I do like powders that have a bit of coverage to them, and this seemed to get used up extremely quickly. It is only $3, but it lasted much less time than any of the other setting powders I use, so in the end I'd probably end up spending as much since it needs more frequent replacing.

I really did not like the fresh. Sugar Rose lip balm. It was a small size from this year's birthday gift at Sephora. It got melty almost immediately and then was extremely soft forever, even when it wasn't particularly warm where it was stored. I also just wasn't that impressed with its moisturizing qualities. I feel like I can get more moisturization from my Jack Black or Nivea lip balms and they're MUCH cheaper than the actual version of this. 

Seche Vite is by far my favorite topcoat for nails. I've tried quite a few but I never like them as much! I've gone through a lot of these bottles! 

Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs. It's definitley my new favorite scent! I went to Sephora to get another sample of this made after this one ran out. I may have to buy this one in the future when I have more money. 

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