Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clinique - Black Tie Violets Set

On a recent trip into Macy's, I spotted this set from Clinique. I was immediately intrigued because it included a few products I've been curious about - the mascaras and Chubby Stick - and the eyeshadow colors looked lovely. As an added benefit, it was also bonus time, and as this set was $39.50, it qualified for the bonus! I'll save the gift with purchase for another post, though.
Since there are so many, the detailed photos of each product will be after the cut!

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief - I haven't tried this yet - I'm guessing it can be used as a moisturizer.
Color Surge Eyeshadow Palette - lovely packaging with a great mirror, and the colors are beautiful!
Cream Shaper For Eyes - Okay, it's an eyeliner. Even though its name is ridiculous, it's fantastic! It goes on really easily and lasts FOREVER. I could definitely see myself trying more of these in the future.
High Impact Extreme Volume mascara - I haven't tried this yet. The tube and brush are absolutely enormous! 
Bottom Lash mascara - I've been wanting this, or something like it, for awhile. I would often get mascara under my eyes during application and/or have issues with smudging later when I would use the same mascara for top and bottom lashes. This hasn't had any of those issues! Plus, it's extremely black and because the brush is so tiny, it's really able to get to the roots and all the tiny lashes. The effect is awesome.
Chubby Stick in Woppin Watermelon - it feels really nice on, and I love the packaging. I do wish it had a bit more color, but on the other hand I think this could be the product I always have in my bag to use as a kind of lip balm and a little bit of color in case I need it. 

I'm really happy with this set. I love things like this - it gives you an opportunity to try several things at once with really good value. Other than a few foundation samples and a bottle of Happy perfume I had many years ago, I really haven't tried any makeup from Clinique. So far, my experience has been a positive one! I had been kind of turned off from it before, as I found I didn't care for Happy much anymore, and none of the foundations are light enough for my skin. This set has shown me that their eyeshadows, liners, and at least the Bottom Lash mascara are all excellent quality. 

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  1. Oh no! I'm sad I didn't go to Macy's!! The GWP was awesome and if I had seen this set I'm sure I would have purchased it. Wow those shadows seem way more pigmented than the quad I have, I have to go pull it out now! I love the moisture surge.


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