Monday, October 22, 2012

Nail Polish Comparison - butter LONDON Wallis

L-R: Safari Gold over Stone Cold, Safari Gold, Wallis, Zombie Zest over Stone Cold
For more photos and detailed information and comparisons, keep reading!

While shopping this weekend, I spotted a nail polish at Forever 21 that seemed like it might be similar to the lovely - and fairly unique - butter LONDON Wallis. At $2.80, I decided to buy it and compare them!

Because the base of Wallis is fairly dark, I did one of the swatches of Safari Gold and Zombie Zest over China Glaze Stone Cold. I chose Stone Cold as the base since it's a matte graphite-like grey with silver shimmer that's opaque in one coat and dries very quickly, leaving minimal wait time. 

Both Safari Gold and Zombie Zest are also fairly sheer alone, and take quite a few coats to build up to full opacity. This was especially true for Safari Gold. 

The closest out of these to Wallis seems to be Safari Gold over Stone Cold, although it's definitely not a dupe. It's not quite as gold as Wallis, nor as easy to work with. However, at $2.80 vs. $14, it may be worth it to get the cheaper version!

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  1. Butter London's name just makes me want it more. That color is absolutely gorgeous.


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