Friday, March 18, 2011

Almay Wake up Makeup - Review


I was curious about this new makeup from Almay so I picked one up from CVS. Unfortunately, it was very disappointing and I ended up returning it a few days later. Not only is there hardly any coverage, but this powder is glittery! It’s very unflattering and strange looking to have glitter all over the face! I did think it was interesting how the product felt moist even though it was a powder, but I really don’t think it did anything good for the appearance or feeling of my skin. The one thing I did really like was the brush. I wish this was sold separately because I think it would work really well as a foundation brush. The hairs are very densely packed and it’s a good length of hairs. It would be perfect for travel since it gets so compact and protects its hairs. However, I did not feel that the awesome brush was worth keeping a $12 powder I would never use!

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