Monday, May 2, 2011

Top 5: Blushes

I have more blushes than these five, but I really only use these on a regular basis. 
Top Row, L-R: Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush - Rose, Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush - Natural, Milani Mineral Blush - Mai Tai
Bottom Row, L-R: ELF Studio Blush - Pink Passion, ELF Studio Blush - Candid Coral

Same order as above photo. L-R Rose, Natural, Mai Tai, Pink Passion, Candid Coral

I really like all of these and use them often. I've had Candid Coral the longest out of these five, so I've hit pan on it. I really like matte products in general, and blushes are no exception. I love both of the matte blushes I have (Mai Tai and Pink Passion). I think out of these blushes, Mai Tai and Natural are my most reached-for, depending on whether I want shimmer or not! I would recommend all these shades, however - great pigmentation on all of them, and they can all be applied with a light hand or heavier depending on how much color you want to show up on your face.


  1. I have the PF in Natural and I can't wait to use it. I am trying to finish up another blush before opening it. I have so many open blushes right now. Great post!

    Sweet As Honey

  2. i like the pf in natural too. the scent kinda faded though, which makes me kinda sad because it smelled so good when i first got it.
    wow i've never hit pan on a blush before, thats quite an accomplishment!


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