Monday, May 2, 2011

Bright Pink Lipsticks: Drugstore Comparison with MAC Candy Yum Yum

Today when I stopped in CVS I spotted several lipsticks that were very bright pink in the tube and was wondering how they compared with MAC's Candy Yum Yum (one of my favorites!)
L-R: MAC Candy Yum Yum, Milani Rose Hip, Revlon Super Lustrous Matte - 011 Stormy Pink,  Wet n Wild 511B

Same order as the tubes. Top picture is with flash, bottom is without.
As you can probably tell, none of these are actually dupes for Candy Yum Yum, but the Milani and the Wet n Wild aren't too far off in color. They're both a creme finish whereas the MAC and Revlon are matte. The Revlon is definitely the most disappointing. It was the most expensive of the three I picked up today, and it looked gorgeous in the tube, but it just applies so sheerly! It still has a really nice texture and it is a pretty color, so it would probably be perfect for those who like the idea behind Candy Yum Yum but aren't comfortable wearing really bright lipsticks.
The Wet n Wild is also pretty sheer, but it's also still bright. I was really surprised at how nicely pigmented it was, considering the price.
Of the three, Milani Rose Hip is definitely my favorite. It has a really nice texture and it lasts really well, especially for such an affordable product. The only downside to it, for me, is the smell! It's really strong and I can still smell it once it's on my lips. I can't put my finger on the smell, but it's either fruity or sweet..either way, I am not a fan! I can probably get over it, though, since otherwise the product is great.

Milani Rose Hip


  1. i have candy yum yum too, isnt it amaaaazing?? i love how its just BAM, neon :D

  2. Agreed! it's such a fun and unique color! definitely no regrets for buying it :)

  3. Oh I love that Milani Rose Hip color. I am not sure if I could pull off such a bright pink but I do love the color.

    Sweet As Honey

  4. Danielle, the Revlon lipstick is basically the same color but much sheerer. I think it might be a great one to try if you like the idea but not the brightness :)


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