Friday, April 8, 2011

Storage and Organization: Part Two

Large drawers: Top drawer. Makeup wipes, applicators, sponges, qtips, tissues.
Middle drawer: Lip products

Bottom drawer: Eye products. L-R: loose shadows, loose shadows and bases, gel liners, shadow sets, HIP duos, single shadows. (I have since depotted most of the shadows, but thought I'd leave this picture to show storage possiblilities)

Smaller drawers, top drawer. Face products: powders, concealers, blushes, primers, etc.

Middle drawer: eyebrow and lash products. Left: Colored mascaras, eyelash curler. Center: brow pencils, clear mascara. Right: tweezers, spoolie brushes, Finishing Touch shaver.

Bottom drawer, basic items. Contacts, moisturizers, lip balm, etc.


  1. hey!!
    i awarded you with a versatile blogger award
    check out my post on it

  2. Nice way to keep everything neat. Some of your containers look like cookie packaging (from oreo's or something lol).

  3. haha you caught me :P some of them are from oreos and some are from Girl Scout cookies! Seemed like a cheap solution to the fact that those drawers are too small for normal dividers!

  4. Wow! You're officially a genius in my book! I reuse misc. boxes in my plastic drawers and feel so good about it :)


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