Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Physician's Formula Gel Creamliner Glam Brown Eyes Swatches and Review

I couldn't resist the 40% off sale at CVS and decided to get another one of the Gel Creamliner Trios, this time in Glam Brown Eyes. I don't usually do much with gold but I actually really love this trio. I think it made my green eyes pop more than the set for green eyes! I actually did a look using only these as my eye products, using the gold on the lid, the copper on the outer 1/3, and the black as liner. I was blown away at how well they lasted! I used a primer but did not top them with any powder eyeshadow and they looked the same at the end of the day! Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of that look, but I liked it enough that I'll probably do it again and photography it then!

With Flash

Without Flash

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