Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Physician's Formula Haul and Review

Baked Collection - Baked Smokes

Top: dry, Bottom: wet.
Without flash.
Top: dry, Bottom: wet.
With flash.
 I was really not impressed with these. They wiped off my hand right away without leaving any color behind, the color payoff wasn't great even when wet, and the colors weren't anything unique for my collection. I ended up returning it since I knew I would never use it.
Looks crazy but it's basically just a shimmery highlight shade for the browbone or inner corner. It works well for that. The packaging is ridiculously large; I depotted it immediately.
Healthy Wear Powder Foundations
Left: Translucent Light
Right: Translucent Medium
I had originally bought the Medium of the foundation because it was the lightest one my CVS ever had in stock so I thought it was the lightest...then I saw the light one! I took a photo comparing them before returning the medium one, which is obviously too dark for me! The light matches perfectly, though. I don't think these have any coverage, really, but with SPF 50 I use it as a powder on top of my foundation on days I plan to spend more time outside.


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  2. I highlight looks pretty. Good haul!

    Sweet As Honey


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