Friday, April 8, 2011

Makeup Storage and Organization: Part One

My entire vanity area

Top of large drawers (left of vanity)

CD case palettes with my depotted products; Tarte treasure chest

Eye product storage. Farthest left compartment: NYX Jumbo eye pencils and similar products. Center compartment: mascaras. Right compartment: eyeliners and primer. I found the container at TJ Maxx.

I keep my liquid foundations, ELF Mist & Set, witch hazel, jojoba oil, and deodorants in the container on the right. Sunscreen, contact solution, and Queen Helene cleansing cream are underneath the turntable.

Brush storage. Container from Target. Back compartment: Face and lip brushes. Bottom left compartment: eyeliner and smudging brushes. Bottom right compartment: all other eyeshadow brushes.

Top: Perfumes and body sprays. Top drawer has ponytail holders, headbands, and clips. Middle drawer: backup products, travel palettes. Bottom drawer: Samples of perfumes, lipglosses, etc.
Necklaces on wall. Top shelf: hair products, earring storage. Middle shelf: Lush and bath products, nail polishes. Bottom shelf: hair tools, nail care products and tools


  1. I love seeing how people have their makeup all set up. I'm running out of space for all of mine and am trying to figure out the best way to store my addiction. =)

  2. I do to! I'm always looking for new ways to organize and accommodate my growing collection!


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