Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Haul - Walgreens and Marshalls

The danger of going to the Target downtown is that there is a Marshalls and a Walgreens (among other stores) in between my bus stop and Target. Sometimes I end up going in the other stores before getting my groceries...today was one of those times...whoops!

From Walgreens I saw they had a lot of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween stuff out - including this crazy holographic glitter! I'm going to try using it on my nails - it looks amazing. I also noticed a bunch of Jordana products I hadn't seen in a store before, including the eyeshadow duos and the Lip Out Loud glosses. I decided to try some of the eyeshadows since I've been happy with the singles I have from them. I got another LipShine in Pink Grapefruit. I love these glosses because they're not sticky at all and they have a brush applicator. I got a clear Lip Out Loud gloss as well because I don't really have a plain clear lipgloss. The scent is kind of obnoxious but I'll get over it. The last thing I got at Walgreens was the got2b POWDER'ful volumizing powder because it was on sale for $3.99.

Then I stopped in Marshalls and saw the Tweezerman set marked for $10. I like the small tweezers - the regular size Tweezerman tweezers I got last week seem SO big to me! My brows are much darker than either of the powder shades but I'll still give them a shot to see if they blend in okay. On the way to the checkout I saw the L.A. Colors nail polish set - 7 crazy fun colors for $6.99! Being both a nail junkie and a lover of all things bright I could not resist.

If you've tried any of these products I'd love to hear your thoughts! I'm new to a lot of these items so I'd like to know what to expect!

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