Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wet n Wild Collection & Swatches

In addition to the items pictured below, I also have a clear lipgloss in a tube, but since it's clear I didn't see a point in photographing it. I appreciate any feedback about how this post is set up and suggestions for when I do other brands in the future!
NOTE: you can click on any of the images to view them larger.

Lipsticks are swatched straight from the tube.
Eyeshadows are swatched first alone and then over the NYX eyeshadow base in White.
Eye Bruise Easily
Cool as a Cucumber
Spoiled Brat

Blue had me at Hello

Comfort Zone


  1. Nice! I'm loving the lipstick collection!

  2. I like the lipstick collection as well!!!

  3. lol Me too Paige!

    So my question is this, on the eyeshadows, I noticed that you have two swatches for each shade. Why is that? Is one wet and the other dry? One with a primer one without? See what I'm getting at?

    Are the lippies limited edition? LOVE 510A!

  4. No one is plain and one is over NYX White Eyeshadow Base. It says above all the eyeshadow swatches.

    I don't think the lipsticks are limited edition as I've some of these over a year.

  5. Maggie does the NYX shadow base have the same consistency as a MAC paint pot? I love how that white makes the color so bold without changing it.

  6. I have never used MAC paint pots so I have no comparison to them, sorry. It's just a very creamy white base. I blended it out so it wasn't visibly white on the skin. It just grabs the color better I think.


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