Monday, August 22, 2011

Updated Makeup Storage!!

The way the top of my "vanity" currently looks. It's just a table from IKEA. There's a large drawer set underneath, but it's not interesting so I left it out.

I didn't take any closer photos of the things stored in the turntable. If you would like to see some, let me know! I got the utensil container at a rummage sale and the turntable is from Walmart. 
The newest additions! The bottom two drawers are the men's shoe drawers and the top one is the women's shoe drawer. All are from The Container Store On top are my eyeshadow palettes stored in a desk organizer from Target. If you'd like any more detailed photos of those, let me know! 
Top drawer. In an empty cookie package, I have my loose eyeshadows, gel/cream liners and shadows, bases, and single shadows that are not depotted.
Middle drawer. I got a divider set for this drawer, which can be found at the same link. The back left has backups, back right is random products, middle left is eye makeup removers, right is brush cleaners and guards, front left are Wet n Wild palettes that aren't depotted, right are liquid foundations and my primer.
Along with the drawers, I picked up two of the lipstick organizers (found here: I put all the lipsticks and glosses that could fit upright in there, then lipliners and taller products down in front, along with my lip scrub and Sonia Kashuk sharpener.

The top drawer of the larger drawers is just my hair stuff (headbands, clips, bobby pins, etc) and it's not cleverly stored at all. If anyone is curious, I can post a photo however.
The middle drawer now has my face products. This is where my lip products used to be stored. I got this divider from Target awhile back. I got it in store and I'm not sure how to find it on their site - sorry!
Back left is an NYC loose powder (that I never use), middle left are my blotting sheets, and the front is my lash curler and Sonia Kashuk sharpener (this thing is AMAZING. GET ONE! The middle section is pressed powders and a cream foundation. Back right are concealers, front right are highlighters, bronzers, and the one blush that's not depotted.
The bottom drawer. The cookie package on the left is all brow stuff. The one on the right has moisturizers, cream makeup remover, lip balm, and contact stuff. The container in the back is extra contact stuff. It's one that comes in 3-packs at Walmart or the dollar store.

 I hope this was interesting and helpful to some of you! If there is anything at all you want to know about more specifically or see different photos of, please let me know and I'll do it!


  1. Nice storage ideas! I never thought about using the shoebox drawers before, but that's pretty clever :)

  2. this all looks so neat and organised :D

    shel xx

  3. ooh! I like it! I really like those shoe organizers!

  4. Thanks guys! I actually got the idea for the shoe drawers from meganheartsmakeup on YouTube! They seem like a really inefficient way to store shoes but it works great for makeup!


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