Monday, November 21, 2011

Nails of the Week - Ulta and Zoya

As with last week, they're starting with the most recent on top.
Zoya - Savita. Top is without topcoat, bottom is with.
Zoya- Shawn
Zoya - Caitlin
Ulta - Smoke Screen
Ulta - Jaded
This one was really sheer at one coat and took 3-4 to get to what you see in the bottom image.
Ulta - Blue Streak
Ulta - Limelight

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  1. Looks like I NEED some Ulta polishes now! How cool is Blue Streak? Love!

  2. The three cream finish ones went on really nicely! Of course I know nothing about how well they last since I only had them on for one day! They've changed the bottles but I don't know if if the formula is any different - I'm assuming it's the same.


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