Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daily Manicures in November - Week One Photos

Since I acquired a ridiculous amount of nail polishes over the past month or two, I decided I would paint my nails every day during the month of November, specifically in an attempt to try out a lot of colors I haven't used yet. Rather than posting every day, I decided to do a summary at the end of each week. There isn't too much I'll be able to review on any polishes since I'm only wearing each one for a day, so I probably won't say much unless it has a particularly difficult formula or something to that effect.

Nov. 1st: Revlon - Fierce (one coat!! that's all it takes!)
Nov. 2nd: Orly - Green with Envy (a very thin formula - first image is one coat, 2nd has three) with Wet n Wild Cost is No Issue (from the Ice Baby collection) on the accent nail
Nov. 3rd: Sinful Colors - What's Your Name with OPI Turqoise Shatter

Nov. 4th: China Glaze - Poinsettia (from Holiday 2011 collection)

Nov. 5th: Urban Outfitters - Cocktail
Nov. 6th: Sinful Colors - Love nails (this formula isn't thin, just really sheer. one coat on top, two on the bottom)


  1. Do you like the urban outfitters polishes? I haven't tried them!

  2. Yeah, I do. They have some interesting colors. I only have three and one of them is a glitter polish, but I haven't had any problems with them. They're pretty opaque and they wear really well (I had the purple one on for a whole week once and there was very minimal wearing) Plus I think the square bottles are cute.


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