Sunday, January 29, 2012

Venturing Into High-End Cosmetics

For several reasons - including wanting to limit the growth of my collection and simple curiosity - I've decided to start experimenting more with buying high-end beauty products. Because these products are more expensive, I put more time and effort into making sure they are a product I want and will actually use. If possible, I sample products for awhile before finally buying them. Since so much more planning will go into these purchases, I think I'll spend about the same -if not even less- than when I go to the drugstore and pick up a bunch of random products pretty frequently.

That said, today I went to get some samples from Sephora of products I've been wondering about, as well as see some colors in person. I got these samples to try: (if any of you have any tips on how to best use these, I'd love to hear!)

I also tried the MUFE lipstick #37 and I loved it - the color, texture, and staying power all seemed really good. It - as well as NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Carthage and MUFE Smokey Lash mascara - are on my list of products to probably purchase eventually. 

I also stopped in the MAC store on this mall visit. I decided it was finally time to get the eyeshadow in Lucky Green that I think I've been lusting after for at least a year by now, and there were a couple lipsticks I wanted to see in person. I ended up getting the eyeshadow and the lipstick in Rebel. I am really excited for both of these and am very pleased with my purchases. 
In case you're curious, I swatched the lipstick straight from the tube and the eyeshadow with just my finger without any primer. 


  1. ooooo, I have yet to ask for samples from sephora. Are there certain products you can sample (liquid products, foundations, powder blushes?) How do the sales reps react when asked for a sample? (I honestly always feel weird like they would hate me or look at me with major disdain) Thanks!

  2. I don't know how you could sample powder products, I feel like it has to be liquid or cream type formulas. I'm not sure, though because I've never tried. If I want to try a powder product I'll just test it on myself in the store. They just get it for you right away and they offer to color match you first - it isn't weird at all! They expect it :)


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