Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Rubber shoes!?!?

Sorry to post twice in one day, but I’ll never get caught up if I don’t! Forgive me?

OOTD June 21st 2011

Shirt- bought at a Temper Trap concert

One of my favorite shows I’ve been to. Such incredible energy and altogether amazing performances. If you haven’t heard their stuff, I suggest trying it out. You may recognize their song “Sweet Disposition” from commercials and 500 Days of Summer.

As I was typing this blog, one of their songs come through my iTunes shuffle. Lovely coincidence.

Pants- The Gap

Shoes – Payless

Even though they’re really strange (seriously, what IS that tiny hole at the toe??) I love my neon green rubber flats. I’ve had these guys since sophomore or junior year of high school and I just can’t part with them! Favorite thing about them? They’re super easy to clean!

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