Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Julep Maven - Classic with a Twist Intro Box (March 2013)

Last month I finally gave in and signed up for the Julep Maven program. I found a code to get my first box for a penny and decided it was time to take the plunge! I took the quiz on their site and it determined the "Classic with a Twist" style to fit me best.

I was really happy with it! I wasn't expecting to like Meryl as I don't normally go for greys, but it didn't look too bad against my skintone and I think I'll get some good use out of it as a base for chunkier glitters!

Feeling inspired, I actually painted an entire nail wheel half with Meryl and half with Wet n Wild Black Creme and then topped them with glitters and layering polishes. I liked the grey as a base even more than I thought!


  1. Wow, what pretty colors you got! And I love your nail wheel:)

    1. Thanks! I think it may have actually been you that suggested trying the grey as a base for glitters!


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