Monday, February 7, 2011

L’Oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duos


Here are some swatches of L’Oreal HIP Eyeshadow duos. Some of these I picked up during the CVS clearance and others I had already.

L'Oreal Hip Shadow Swatches 1

Flamboyant and Adventurous. I’ve had these awhile and have depotted them. The yellow is fantastic – easy to use and has really great color payoff. The beige is pretty good, but it’s fairly close to my skin tone, so it mostly adds a little shimmer, which is nice. I really can’t get either the pink or purple to show up much, which is disappointing.

L'Oreal Hip Shadow Swatches 2

L-R: Cheeky, Charisma, Reckless

The only real disappointment out of these three is the dark purple in Charisma. It just doesn’t show up well. The lighter purple in Reckless also looks much cooler – almost as though it has a duochrome effect – in the pan than swatched. It’s still a good color, but it looks different. However, the rest are pretty awesome. Cheeky is one of my favorites.

L'Oreal Hip Shadow Swatches 3

L-R: Devious, Sassy, Flashy.

These are ALL amazing. The light shade in Flashy is too close to my skin color to really show up, but works well as a highlight or cleanup in a look. Sassy is definitely my favorite of all the ones I have. Both colors show up amazingly well and are different than anything else in my collection. Devious is nice as well, especially the coppery color. I have green eyes and I think it compliments them nicely.

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