Monday, September 6, 2010

Multicolored French Tips

I know. This is a terrible picture. It's not even a little bit focused. But that's what I get for being too lazy to get out my real camera and only documenting these nails with my phone's camera. Despite this being a horrible representation, I felt like these nails were cool enough to still post about it. I did these much earlier in the summer. Basically, I wanted to do something crazy but still somewhat low-key. 

Orange(Thumb): ELF Polish in Fire Coral
Pink: Covergirl Polish in Fuchsia Girl
Purple: China Glaze Polish in Spontaneous
Blue: Sally Hansen Polish in Blue Me Away
Green: ORLY Polish in Green With Envy
Pinky French Base Color: China Glaze Polish in Innocence

When I do French tips, I don't have too much trouble making the line fairly straight. My problem is in getting nail polish all over the finger as well as the nail. To combat this, I spread Vaseline all around my nails (NOT on them!!) before I start to paint them. The polish will dry onto the Vaseline, but the Vaseline just rubs right off. Just a little tip.

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