Thursday, May 24, 2012

Temporary Makeup Storage/Vanity

I'm staying at my parents' house for the summer, so I left the products I never use or were really similar to some of these at my apartment and cut down my storage because I have a smaller vanity table at this house. Since it's slightly different than my regular setup, I figured I'd show how I'm storing my products and an overview of most of my collection.
Here's everything that sits on the vanity table. These drawers cover the entire width of the table top.
Top drawer - the eyeshadow palettes that aren't next to the mirror
Middle drawer - powders, foundation samples, concealers, and brow products.
Bottom drawer - cream eyeliners and shadows, loose powder shadows,  the smaller Wet n Wild palettes.
Although I had initially narrowed down my eyeshadows to the top drawer and what's in the large palette next to the mirror, I decided to include these in case I got around to doing some more swatch or dupe photos while I'm here.
After I eliminated things I figured I wouldn't use over the summer, there's a lot of  kind of unused space in this drawer. The back left is empty, right has some brush cleaning supplies. Middle left are hair things and right are earrings.
The bottom has lipglosses on the left and foundations, primers, and setting sprays are on the right.
The other drawer is all lipsticks and a few balms and other miscellaneous lip products.
The top of the drawer set has the top level of a little turntable sitting on a tray. This side has brushes and eyeliners, and you can see the perfumes I brought with me on the tray as well.
From this side are all my various jumbo eye pencils and mascaras.
That's basically it for my storage here! If you have any questions about the storage or the actual products, let me know! I can always take more pictures if something isn't as clear as you hoped.

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  1. Maggie I love how you recycle so much to use as storage!! The cd cases and the candle jars! That's so amazing!!


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