Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Outfits of the Day: Black Skirt 3 Ways

Since I've accumulated quite a few photos of my 'outfits of the day', I decided to get a bit more creative in how I put them together than just by date.

I've worn this skirt frequently since I got it earlier this summer. It's just so versatile and comfortable. I got it from Zara.
In the outfit on the left (from August 4th), I paired the skirt with a No Doubt tshirt and the TOMS-like shoes from Payless. Basic, lazy, and very comfy.

For the middle outfit (from August 23rd), I kept it basic but a bit classier with a grey tank top from Target and sandals from Zara. These sandals are a bit lacking in comfort - I haven't quite broken in the strap near the toes to where it doesn't pinch my pinky toe!

The outfit on the right (from September 2nd) is a more fun look. I paired the skirt with a tshirt from Target that I cut to hang off the shoulders and my All-Star imitations from Payless.


  1. OMGoodness Maggie you are too adorable! So creative, I love it!


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